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Unpainted Crankbait

Miami Lures is pleased to introduce Unpainted Crankbait / plug bodies to our line of Fishing tackle components. The design and manufacturing process insures a well balanced, consistent performing plug. All of these Unpainted plug bodies have a thru-wire stainless steel insert (that creates a true center keel) surrounded by a high bouyant, high impact foam.

Use a small duo-lock snap to attach the line (versus a direct tie) as the sharp corners of the laser insert may cut your line.

These Unpainted Crankbait / Plugs have a Minimum order of 20 per plug per size.

Click on picture for pricing!




Unpainted Crankbait Minnow Bait
Item# UNPL0


Unpainted Crankbait Shad Lure
Item# UNPL1


unpainted lure

Unpainted Crankbait Thin Fish Lure
Item# UNPL2


unpainted Chubby
Unpainted Crankbait Chubby Lure
Item# UNPL3

unpainted plug lure

Unpainted Crankbait
Top Water Series Popper
Item# UNPL4



Unpainted Crankbait Big Game Bullnose Lure
Item# UNPL5



Unpainted Crankbait

Unpainted Crankbait Torpedo Lure
Item# UNPL6






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$75.00 (25 Peices)

crankbait Logo

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Item# LUHR

$75.00 (25 Peices)

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