Luhr Jensen Crankbait Assorted Lot

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Luhr Jensen Crankbait Assorted Lot

This lot consist of 25 of the well known and respected brand of Luhr Jensen.

This lot consist of a variety and here are some examples.
-Luhr Jensen "Sugar Shad"
-Luhr Jensen "Brush Baby"
-Luhr Jensen
-Luhr Jensen "Bass Speed Trap"
-Luhr Jensen "Bass Hot Lips"

These Lures Retail for $4.99 to $5.99 and you are getting them for only $3.00 a peice. 40% to 55% off Retail.

You will recieve different quantities as inventory permits

Luhr Jensen Crankbaits Assorted 25 Peices
Item# LUHR

$75.00 (25 Peices)


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